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Scolari is a fucking idiot and there are people who seriously thinks he is a good manager. No way.
And I hate the way he talks about Barça. I know Neymar’s imagine important, especially before the WC but saying “there is nothing wrong with Ney it’s Barca, the whole team” is rubbish. Yes, the whole team is guilty and Neymar is a part of this fucking team. And he is no Pelé, no Maradona, no Messi, no God. Don’t act like he is too much better than his current performance with Barca. It’s European football, not Brazil. He can’t be a beast in 9 months ffs. He needs one more season to learn and understand everything.

    Anonymous asked "why this stupid DEP Tito is trending ww? there is no news or confirmation, cant twitter block it?"

    People are being assholes as always, that’s why.

    Twitter is not a small company they don’t check and block this kind of things most of time.

      I heard this from a trustworthy journalist and he is 100% sure (he apologised for saying this without his family’s permission), MD and Marca agreed. RAC1 didn’t ask them yet because they didnt want to bother his family. Media show full respect atm fernandotorreswifey

        Nothing official yet but I think so. fernandotorreswifey

          Anonymous asked "SOCIAL MEDIAS SAY THAT TITO IS DEAD ? WTF ??????"

          Sick people..

            Anonymous asked "any news on tito?"

            Sorry, I saw your message late but I already posted anyway so..

              Anonymous asked "thanks,but what is conmebol? :D sorry if i annoy you!"

              You don’t annoy me :) Europe have UEFA, South America have CONMEBOL, so what I meant is they are South America group winners.

                Tito had a relapse last Friday and was operated on today. He is in a serious condition.
                Social media is the worst, indeed. There are people who say he is dead.. for attention! Their existences is waste of oxygen, I swear.

                  Anonymous asked "what do you think ,what are flawes in arg nt? and good things that can bring WC title.."

                  I don’t trust Sabella even tho he did a good job. I don’t like his every decision. Defence & goal are biggest problems, with these defensive problems, it’s so hard to win WC in Brazil but I believe in this team. ARG have the best attacking team obviously. And they are CONMEBOL winners.


                    Forca Tito mosaic | Barcelona vs Real Madrid . 26/10/13

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